Raw Nut & Pumpkin Seed Chews


So I said this was a healthy food blog right? Eating the food your body needs to feel good and nourished...

Well last week this body needed some chocolate! It was Halloween and every Halloween week I get the urge for some sweet in my life. Back in the day when we were left to our own devices trick or treating in groups of kids with no parents, I would eat candy until I passed out. Chocolate all over my face, dots in my teeth. There were no organic healthier candy treats. If someone gave you an apple you threw it at their house (well not me of course). Ahhhhh, the 70's. Well times have changed. My sons favorite candy is Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups. I have to say these are pretty darn good and you can feel better about the ingredients for sure. Its still sugar but it's also Halloween and I say:


For me personally I always try to make something sweet that is homemade so that I don't OD on Peanut butter cups. I like to get in the spirit with the kids, get to their level. What better way than to eat candy, dress up and roam the streets for more candy!

This candy treat is one you can feel good about. I find a little goes a long way as it is pretty sweet from the dates and the chocolate. You can play with the filling as well as the crust part. If you don't have  macadamia nuts use almonds or cashew. I wanted to use peanuts in the filling but did not have any so I used pumpkin seeds. It's all good. Do what you like or what you have on hand. But a Big tip...eat them from the freezer. They are best that way to keep the chewy texture.


For the cookie layer:

In the Food Processor Blend 1 Cup of Macadamia Nuts
1 Cup of Gluten free oats
Pulse until fine
Add in 2 Tbs Coconut Flour
1/3 cup raw coconut nectar or try 1/3 brown rice syrup
Blend well until a sticky paste is formed
Press this onto a cookie sheet and
 into a thin square shape.
Freeze for 30 min

For the caramel layer:
Blend 15 pitted dates
with 15 dried apricots (the dark brown kind not bright orange)
pulse a few times to chop up
add in 4 tbs of raw coconut nectar or brown rice syrup
add a pinch of pink salt (optional)

Blend until smooth.
Spread this on top of the cookie layer.
now on top of that add chopped peanuts, or walnuts
or as pictured raw pumpkin seeds.

Freeze for about an hour or until you can cut into squares.
Dip the squares into melted chocolate and then place back on a cookie sheet with parchment. Put them back into the freezer. They are ready within an hour. But as mentioned they are best stored in the freezer until you want them. When you are ready for a treat,  remove and cut into pieces. They are quite large for one bite. But hey if that's what you want then that's fine too.

May The Force Be with you...

Hilary Adorno